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Wordpress Pro

Set your website maintenance to auto pilot

What Is It?

WordPress Pro is a complete suite tools for managing and growing your WordPress website.

With WordPress Pro, tasks that would have been outsourced to your developer (or not done at all) are completed on autopilot.

Wordpress Pro

Getting started with WordPress Pro is simple. If we host your website, we’re able to offer a lot of the tools for free. We can also help you if you host your website externally, but there’ll be a cost attached to most of the tools.

Backup Pro

Automated daily backups for your website including the files and database. If anything ever goes wrong, Backups Pro provides you with One Click Restore functionality to revert your website back to it’s functioning state.

Security Pro

Manual or automated security checks of your website to make sure it remains malware and vulnerability free.

Uptime Monitor Pro

If your website goes down, would you know immediately? Uptime Monitor Pro provides you with an immediate email or SMS notification that your website has gone down, allowing you and your developer to immediately address the issue and avoid any embarrassing messages from customers.

SEO Ranking Pro

A simple keyword and ranking tool for your website including competitor analysis, all in one place.

Set your website maintenance to autopilot

Don't leave your website to chance. Spend now, save later.

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